Open Road Motorcycle Touring Club

of Western Australia

28 April 2019

ORATS April Easter Run

Ride Leader

Tail End Charlie

Great write up from Nigel

Friday was cold and wet up to Beacon, then just cold until camp about 60kms east of Bimbijy Station. Next day checked out Hospital Rocks on the way to Menzies, nice spot for a camp. The horse was at the front door at Kookynie Grand Hotel, but the cook was on strike (injured leg or something!) so no lunch there, just beer! Back through Menzies to camp about 20kms south of Davyhurst and it was freezing again, but a nice hot fire (and alcohol) kept it at bay, ice on everything in the morning again, but then we were very close to Siberia!

Then off to Siberia in the morning, not much there as it turned out, just a few graves and old mining holes, checked out Ora Banda Pub on route to Broad Arrow Pub (shame they weren’t open…😛) and Kalgoorlie.

JC rode Daniels KLR to Kal from Broad Arrow….heh heh, looked…..strange!

Had a nice lunch in Kalgoorlie and checked out the Super Pit to make sure it was OK…, then off to Norseman via Kambalda, then headed west along the Hyden Road to camp (somewhere), and then home Monday.

Good trip, lotsa Kms,  good company and no breakdowns, what else do you need!!!!! 🙂

Thanks JC and Daniel.